Tyler's Caldwell Zoo family has expanded again!

The fastest land animal in the world recently gave birth to four healthy cubs at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. If you follow the Caldwell Zoo on Facebook, you've probably seen the cute pic of Mary Jo nursing her four newborn cubs. The cheetah cubs were recently born at the zoo and are reportedly healthy and doing great.

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While staffers and guests want to celebrate and scream about the birth of these cute spotted creatures, we can't at this time. Now is the time for peace and quiet. According to the Caldwell Zoo,

Cheetahs are very sensitive animals. So, we take great care in giving new mothers ultimate privacy. We want to make sure she remains relaxed and stays focused on being a good mom."

While they're in seclusion we'll just have to look at their cuteness and admire them through this pic.

BREAKING NEWS: Cheetah cubs born at the Caldwell Zoo!

The Caldwell Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of cheetah...

Posted by Caldwell Zoo on Saturday, October 24, 2020

It wasn't that long ago that the Caldwell Zoo was fostering a cheetah cub from a Wildlife Safari in Oregon.

Now these aren't the only babies the zoo is currently taking care of. The birth of these four cubs comes nearly five months after the announcement of the birth of a baby giraffe at the zoo and almost two months after the announcement of the birth of a baby zebra. New life is beginning all around the Caldwell Zoo.

If you haven't been to the zoo here in Tyler, you are truly missing out on experiencing one of the best zoos in the nation.

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