Even if you’re not very familiar with the town of Pampa, Texas it might have the perfect starter home for you and your family. Located a little under an hour northwest of Amarillo is where you will find Pampa, with a population size of around 18,000 according to their last census. If you’re looking for an affordable first home in the state of Texas you might want to check out this place in Pampa with the current list price of only $45,500. 

My first home was nearly three times that amount and after making some improvements to the place I was able to sell it a few years later for a profit. The reason I tell you that is because when I look at the photos of this place I think there is potential for making it a great home, for a good price. The address for this place is 1005 S Farley Street in Pampa, TX 79065. The home isn’t huge as it comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a total of 650 square feet, and the lot size is 6,250 square feet. 

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It’s Not a Big Home in Pampa, TX But That Price Makes Up For It 

After owning our first home I realized that having more than one bathroom was a necessity for me, as my wife and I love to have friends and family come visit. One bathroom just makes it difficult with family staying at your home. But when the price is reasonable like this one is, sometimes you make things work as you continue to increase the value of your home working toward something a little better. 

What Do You Think of This Place Under 50k in Pampa, TX 

Okay, it’s a little small but I still think it would be a great starter home. Check out the photos and let me know what you think. 

Starter Home Under 50k in Pampa, Texas

It's not a giant home but the asking price is just right.

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