Before we even approach this topic I want it to be very clear that I am not here to change your mind on the vaccine or tell you what is right for you. But I am curious if a business here in East Texas requires their employees to get the vaccine, does that change the way you feel about them. If you know of a local business and they require their employees to get the vaccine will you support them more, will your feelings stay the same, or will you no longer support their business?

The reason I pose this question to you is because I was on a Facebook group for the Longview community and someone brought up a business that fired a few employees due to not getting the vaccine. And there was quite the reaction on both sides on whether this was a good or bad decision.

Some People Absolutely Refuse to Support This Longview Business Moving Forward

There was a large amount of people that spoke up saying they would never support that business again due to requiring employees to get the vaccine. Many feel like the business should not be making decisions regarding anything medical. That should be up to each employee and what they think is right for themselves and their family.

Other Locals Believe That the Mandatory Vaccine is the Wise Decision

On the opposite side of things there were many people that thought the mandatory vaccine will help make the rest of the employees stay healthy. Also this could lead to lower medical premiums for everyone next year.

So, if a company decides that the vaccine is mandatory for employees... will that change how you shop?

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