This story out of Mabank, Texas this morning has me reminiscing about a scary incident that happened to me when I was a teenager.

My friend and I were having a sleepover and it was a little after midnight when an unknown man began creeping up to my bedroom window and then right up next to it and banged on the window HARD with his fist. We screamed and were terrified. However, my dad ended up finding the guy, and...let's just say he didn't come back. Yikes. That image will stay in my mind forever.

Now I'm not necessarily comparing the video you'll see here with that frightening moment. But still, there is a creepy factor anytime you see someone wandering in your yard who isn't necessarily supposed to be there.

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This home security video which we received from CBS 19 is from May 19. In it, you'll see a man meandering seemingly confused and aimlessly in someone's yard near East Eubank and Old City Lake Rd. area in Mabank, TX.

At this time, the Mabank Police Department is considering this to be a welfare concern and asks for help from anyone who might be able to identify and/or locate this man. Here's the video:

As you'll see in the video, it appears the man the Mabank Police Department is looking for has tattoos on both of his arms and looks to be wearing black shorts.

If you recognize him, please reach out to the Mabank Police Department by calling (903) 887-8500.

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