With summer trips to the lake and to cool AirBnBs (like this one here) planned, you may already have your next couple of months packed with your favorite things to do. But if you're like me and either don't have any plans, or want to switch it up, I've got quite the curve ball for you. Have you thought about Texas' ghost towns? This one is just an afternoon road trip away from Tyler.

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I'm talking about Gilliland, Texas, a mere 5-hour road trip. It was originally known as Coyote, Texas in the late 1800s. According to TexasEscapes.com, the school district was established in 1892, with classes beginning in 1895. The school was used until the 1930s, and is now an abandoned building that will send shivers down your spine. Just check out this video:

TexasEscapes.com says that after WWII high school students attended class in Munday, while elementary classes continued in Gilliland. Today, there are classrooms with what remains of chalkboards, a gymnasium with bleachers still intact, and even a creepy auditorium with stage curtains in place like a show just ended.

Do you have the guts to visit the old school? Seeing that the population of Gilliland sits at about 25 people, I doubt anyone would stop you. If you do plan on making a trip, let us know - be safe...and watch your step!

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