This is literally just a minute-long video of a dude in a headlock.

Don't get me wrong, I would have clicked on it, too, but that just says a lot about the both of us, right?

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We almost always have no context when it comes to these articles, and today is no exception.  The video at the bottom of this page offers absolutely no clues about what's going on, and we couldn't find any further information.  Let's break it down.

Not Tucker Carlson.

Let's get something straight right off the bat. The caption on this Tweet reads:

Breaking: Tucker Carlson gets choked out in his car after violent incident in a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.

That is for sure NOT Tucker Carlson, so we can't really trust any part of the headline.

Not Tucker Carlson

Badge Number

We can hear the gentleman receiving the choking asking the gentleman who is administering said choking for his badge number, so is this an off-duty cop?


Cops Arirve

At this point, we start to hear sirens in the distance as the man getting choked calls out for help.  The cameraman states that he's out here filming to make sure the guy doesn't get hurt.  The cops pull up and the video ends.

Check it out for yourself below.


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