Luckily, it seems as though #Picklegate is behind us and things are looking up for East Texans. If you don't remember last year there was a Tyler, Texas resident that only received one pickle on her chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A. After commenting about the disappointing lack of pickles it became a hot topic of conversation for many across all of East Texas. Obviously, when the post was made it was a joke although many people thought the online rant was a real problem. With #Picklegate in the past we have a new problem and it was posted by the same sweet lady who told us about the pickle shortage, this new issue is about the large fries and medium fries coming with the same amount.

After speaking with the woman directly this is once again just to be comical, although she would fully support a change from Chick-fil-A making sure that large fries do in fact come with more fries than the medium size. If you noticed the photo at the top it does seem as through the two containers have about the same amount although customers are paying more for the larger container.

Chick-fil-A Does So Many Things Well

Before you ever receive your food from Chick-fil-A you almost always get great customer service and some of the most friendly staff members of any fast food location. But things happen and some fry containers get more full than others. While I understand a certain level of frustration after paying more for a large fry and getting the same amount as a medium, they still offer delicious food.

Many Comments Online Agreed That the Amount of Fries Have Decreased

There were many people who agreed that they don't seem to get as many fries as they used to receive. Others mentioned that it always seems to be that same Chick-fil-A location. And some people commented that the was probably more fries and they were eaten prior to the picture taken. After talking to the lady who posted, I don't believe she posted about this after eating fries out of the large container.

Have you seen this extremely important issue pop up in your life? Are you missing fries and is #WaffleFryGate the new issue of 2022?

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