Thirty-four minutes. That's how long this wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Jessie spent trying to figure out how to rescue her much smaller friend, Chucky, after he had inadvertently fallen into their family's swimming pool.

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As amazing as this video is, the owners say it is hard for them to watch. And how couldn't it be? Their Toy Pomeranian was treading water for over half an hour, while his pal was trying frantically to figure out how to pull him to safety.

When the dog's owner Byron Thanarayen posted the video to Facebook earlier this month he captioned it "(Before you start judging... we are getting the pool covered!) I can't believe she did this! It broke our hearts to see this happen when we looked at the security footage."

“Our dogs know how to swim but they always swim with us and not when we are not with them. They also know where the pool steps are.” Byron said they are installing a pool cover. “It never occurred to us previously that we needed the cover, but since this incident we saw how important it is to have one.”

What a special dog. But as it turns out, she ran through a couple different owners before the Thanarayen's got her. She had been adopted and returned twice to the SPCA. Her previous owners said she didn't get along with other dogs, but from the looks of this video their "other dogs" must've been very bad dogs. Jessie is a good girl, and totally loves this Toy Pom.

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