I have lived in East Texas my entire life. Born and raised in Lindale (go Eagles) and have lived in Tyler for about 15 years. Anytime I have the opportunity to travel outside of Texas, I am proud to tell non-Texans about our state and East Texas.

Now, of course, I've seen the bad of East Texas (traffic, ugh) but the good far out weighs the bad.

A couple of days ago, I was flipping through Youtube and ran across a video from a Tyler production company called Center For Creative Media who produced a tourism video, of sorts, for the city of Tyler.

The video features many of the great aspects of Tyler including food (Stanley's BBQ), shopping, entertainment, faith and fun of Tyler. Check it out below.

This video is great. If I lived outside of Texas and saw this, I would move here in a heartbeat. How is this not the official tourism video of Tyler?

If you know of a company who has produced a video like this for your town, let us know about it.

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