It's funny when I talk to people from other parts of the country that have it in their mind that Texas is just one, huge, flatland of tumbleweeds and people on horseback.

We Texans know that is absolutely NOT true, especially East Texans. This state has a bit of everything. Yes, we have flat areas, but also rolling hills, cliffs, and many diverse geographical areas.

One of my favorite things to do on road trips or vacations is to hike. And NO, not because I'm some kind of fitness junkie. I mainly do it so I won't feel so bad about stuffing my face at dinner at the end of the day. KIDDING! I don't EVER feel bad about stuffing my face at dinner.

Seriously though, I love to hike. Being out in nature is truly therapeutic and reminds us all that there are whole other worlds outside of the things that occupy our frantic minds most of the time. Having that change of perspective is often just the thing needed to give us strength and peace about delving back into the daily grind.

Did you know that we have amazing hikes all over Texas? Some of them with truly INSANELY beautiful views?

It's true. In fact, you may have several others you'd add to this list of three I'm sharing with you here. If so, please let me know so we can add it to the list. You can send me a note at

OK, what are these three hikes with amazing views, you ask? 

Thanks to @txvacation's TikTok, you can watch the short video below. The places in question?

1. The San Gabriel River Trail near Georgetown, TX - You take this trail from the also-famous Blue Hole in Texas. We're talking about a 10.4-mile "out and back" trail that is known to be good for all skill levels. Plus there are other activities too and it is dog-friendly. However, don't forget to bring their leashes.

2. The Balcones Canyonlands near Marble Falls, TX - This trail is connected to a national wildlife refuge in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. Originally formed to protect two endangered songbirds in 1992, it's also home to other wildlife species, as well. So get ready to commune with nature. If you wanna learn more or make a plan, visit this helpful website. 

3. Garner State Park near Concan, TX - In addition to hiking, this is a great place for swimming or just relaxing. But back to hiking, enjoy 16 miles of discovery and exploration of that iconic Hill Country terrain.

Here's that aforementioned video (short but sweet):

@txvacation Which one is your favorite #hiking trail in #texas♬ original sound - Olivia
Where's your favorite place to hike? 

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