If you've been listening to 101.5 KNUE  on the radio or just perusing our website, you may have noticed that we're talking about our new KNUE Mobile App... a lot.

Well, we're sorry! We can't help it because it truly has everything you need when it has to do with KNUE. And we're about to ante up because one of our favorite features of the free app is exclusive contests. Our first prize: 2 VIP Tickets to Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival.

That's right these were sold out the FIRST DAY they went on sale so it really is a hot commodity. Here's how you get your chance to win.

Since it's the week of Valentine's Day, we want all y'all to show off what you got. That doesn't mean you have to have a partner to enter to win. I bought myself a leather jacket and am going to eat an entire pizza to myself Tuesday night. That kinda beats every Valentine's Day gift I've ever received... just sayin'.

You must submit your photo through the KNUE App. Above Mandee Montana teaches you how to download, browse and submit photos through our brand new KNUE App in less than 4 minutes, so it should be easy as finding the best chocolate truffles out of a heart-shaped box.

We'll stop taking photo submissions at Noon next Wednesday, February 22 and we will announce the winner of the 2 VIP tickets to the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival on Thursday, February 23.

Tip: Most of the people in our studio like to laugh so hopefully you have something funny to send! If not, sweet always makes sense for Valentine's Day, too.

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