When you’re considering accepting a job, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the people who already hold similar positions are happy doing them? If so, you may find a new survey particularly interesting.

Online job site CareerBliss polled more than 100,000 professionals (excluding executive level jobs, like CEOs), who were asked to rate 10 factors affecting workplace happiness including work environment, job resources, pay, growth opportunities, company culture, daily tasks, and employee-management relationships.

The employees valued each factor on a five-point scale, and also indicated how important each one was to their overall happiness at work.

Afterward, those findings were analyzed and sorted to create a list of the 20 Happiest Jobs in America. And some of the results may surprise you.

Here’s a sampling (see the whole list for more):

1. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

2. Tie: Executive Chef and Property Manager

3. Bank Teller

4. Warehouse Manager

5. Administrative Assistant

6. Customer Service Representative

7. Accountant

8. Tie: Systems Engineer and Construction Manager

10. Tie: Human Resources Manager, Field Service Technician, and Process Engineer