The longer I live, the more I realize "little things" have the ability to bring us mucho, MUCHO joy. And that certainly is the case with this little rumor we've been hearing as of late.

For those of us who find ourselves saying "yo Quiero Taco Bell" more often than we probably should, many of us found ourselves unreasonably saddened as we watched Taco Bell remove some of our very favorite items from the menu.

For some of us, it was the loss of the Meximelt that brought on a mini-depression. ;) (Though you can still get it if you know how to order.) For others, the departure of the simple, but delicious tostada made us weep tears made of diablo sauce.

But for me, it was the demise of the Mexican Pizza that had me considering talking with a fast-food therapist asap.

OK, OK all joking aside. It WAS a huge bummer to see the Mexican Pizza go. But wait--is there hope?

Although we've seen nothing from the "official" Taco Bell social media pages, we HAVE heard from some of the most plugged-in fan pages, like Live Mas or the popular Instagram food blogger Markie_Devo, that the Mexican Pizza IS, in fact, coming back to the Taco Bell menu some of us know practically by heart.

I guess we weren't the only ones sending our lamentations to Taco Bell. Apparently, there has been SO much blowback, Taco Bell may be returning this fave to their menu by April or May of 2022. *GLEE!*

But will it be a permanent return or will they dangle it over our Taco Bell loving mouths on a seasonal basis--similar to what McDonald's has done with the strangely popular McRib?

I guess we'll see. Either way, we are MUCHO excited.

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