Tonight, the Mega Millions drawing is an estimated $654 million. That's a lot of bones. Tomorrow night's Powerball drawing is an estimated $345 million. (puts numbers in calculator) That's just under $1 billion, if the stars align in a once in a million years shape, if you win both drawings.

What would you do with that heaping amount of money? Travel? Buy stuff that's not on sale? Help those in need?

Me, I would become Batman. Or Ironman. You know, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

I could be like Scrooge McDuck. Build a huge tower filled with gold coins and go swimming.

Honestly, if I won that much at once, I think I would just disappear. I'd buy my own island with a drawbridge and only my closest of closest friends and family could visit.

No matter, I'm gonna pick a couple of tickets for both drawings and day dream about the astronomical possibilities of winning. Good luck to you.

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