Two highly recognizable icons have come together for you to show off your fandom proudly, Whataburger and Pez. Yes, Whataburger now has it's own Pez candy dispenser according to

The dispenser features the iconic Whataburger "W" at the top and is filled with an orange flavor Pez candy.

So how did this idea come about? Whataburger was looking for new ideas last year for new products to offer to fans. And, personally, I love the idea.

So do the folks at Pez. Buninton Stevens, Marketing and Sales for PEZ, had this to say, "Looking at Whataburger and PEZ, both developed in the ’50s, sets a new, an iconic brand that both of us can be proud of."

Where can you find these highly collectible candy dispensers? They are available in the Whatastore, in two packs, for $10.99.

Now, just head to your favorite Whataburger, order a #1 with cheese then finish it off with some sweetness from your own Whataburger Pez dispenser.

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