We all need to eat at some point during the day, and those times vary depending on how busy we are. Some of us bring food to work, and others simply prep the entire week in advance. But some of us step out for a little bit to grab something to eat, and maybe just get a breath of fresh air.

There's a lot of choices to consider. Sit down restaurant? Go home and make something? Or grab something from a fast food eatery? We'll focus on the last one for today.

So yes, there are a lot of choices where to go. But some places have better items than others, so we'll discuss burgers today shall we? But...who has the best hamburgers?

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One Texas Original can certainly claim they got one of the best thankfully.

The Top Ten Burgers Has A Little Whataburger Orange In It

Thanks to Eat This, Not That!, the ranking of burgers in the nation has been revealed. Factors to rank them were simple: taste and quality of sandwich, and its availability. So it's now down to the data, where did our favorite Texas fast food eatery land on the list?

Well, Whataburger's Double Meat Whataburger landed at number eight on the list. Not bad at all right? Well, it was placed behind In And Out's burger at number seven, so that might be a little bit of an issue.

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