Ready for some laughter as we end 2021? I’ve got them for you served up by a White Oak graduate who has become TikTok famous.

Meet Josh Benson, graduate of White Oak High School in 2014, who now has over 300,000 followers on TikTok and over 15 million likes.

You may have seen some of his videos. He started his TikTook during the pandemic with the name, @coronavirusandlime but changed it in the Summer of 2020, as he began to get creative and comedic. He’s now known by @JoshBensontheRapper, and yes he does rap.

His first TikTok video is a rap, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Nowadays he’s more known for his comedy, which his TikTok description reads is “99% satire.” Again, it’s good. It’s relatable, especially if you grew up in church or around church goers in East Texas.

I happened to have grown up in the same small town as Josh, and maybe that’s why I totally get his humor, but with millions of likes apparently it’s not just us.

He’s known for content about Christian dating, spoofing Chick-fil-a and youth group related activities. His message overall is one of acceptance and love, and he pokes fun a bit at how leagalistic some evangelical Christians can be. He’s been received with a lot of positivity overall, though there are some naysayers.

Here are some of his most popular videos:

Let’s start with one from this November, a spoof on Hallmark Christmas movies. If you’re a fan of the Hallmark holiday flicks, you’ll be cracking up at this one.

Next, a tribute to the bet Chick-fil-a employee ever.

And finally, a video that jokes about how the church goes about teaching young ladies to be modest, and how the  boys are absent for that.

Pretty dead on, right? He grew up right here in East Texas.

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