Like many of you, I was pretty bummed when I heard Taco Bell had made the decision to remove the Mexican Pizza from their menus in Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, and all around our East Texas area.

I mean, especially after they decided to deprive us of other favorites like the Meximelt and even before that--the Enchirito. How DARE they?! ;)

However, as you may have heard by now, the Mexican Pizza is returning officially as of Thursday, May 19. BY THE WAY, if you're reading this before that date, do want to make sure you're aware that you can get your Mexican Pizza craving handled today--IF you order it through their app. (I got your back.) 

Believe it or not, some East Texas people are NOT happy with the return of the Mexican Pizza.

Then again, when you understand WHY they are unhappy, it will make much more sense.

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I've heard from at least six friends and/or co-workers that the Mexican Pizza they'd received after ordering through the app was not QUITE what they were hoping for. And although we are clearly talking about first-world problems, it IS frustrating when you've so been looking forward to something only to be utterly underwhelmed with what you receive.

Such was the case for one Tyler, Texas woman who shared a less than stellar experience of one of the Taco Bell locations on 5th Street in Tyler on a local social media group page.

Victoria Torrente of Tyler, TX had been super excited to place her mobile app order and then swing by to pick up her Mexican Pizza. She went in with a friend and noticed that her friend's pizza looked pretty great. But then she got HERS, and...well, her photo says more than I could ever say. ---->

Photo courtesy of Victoria Torrente, Tyler, TX
Photo courtesy of Victoria Torrente, Tyler, TX

And even worse? This is the photo of the Mexican Pizza AFTER they "fixed" it for her. She said upon opening the box, the sauce they use was just "glopped on there with maybe like four pieces of the shredded cheese." So she took it back and said this isn't how it's supposed to be made. They argued with her to the contrary. Her friend brought her pizza to the counter as a comparison to which one of the employees actually rolled their eyes at the lady. Can you imagine?

They did put more cheese on it, but as you can tell from the photo, that is NOT what people drive to Taco Bell to experience. That is not muy bueno.

Look this post isn't to rail against one of our favorite fast-food spots. Everyone makes mistakes and after all, we are talking about fast food, right? At the same time, wouldn't you think with so much focus on the return of the Mexican Pizza, they'd want to MAKE SURE what goes out to the public is their best work?

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