Lots of parents have seen the videos of the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy and there's a not so nice secret found inside. Now Sophie is being tossed out all over Texas after parents have begun cutting open the Giraffe and finding mold growing throughout inside!

We've had listeners posting about this very thing in Harker Heights! If you know someone who has one, let them know.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Bernier | Facebook
Photo courtesy of Claudia Bernier

What's worse is several parents said they began to become suspicious of Sophie when the toy would stop making noise. Yup, so much mold was growing inside some of these toys that they wouldn't even make their little squeaky sound anymore!

There are plenty of sources that are telling parents that it's not quite the big deal it's made out to be. Most toys that aren't sealed or conduct air flow are susceptible to mold growing inside. If we took a long hard look inside some bath toys we might find the same thing. CBS put out a reminder about why folks should not panic, and how to spot the signs of mold allergies in your kids.

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