A company based in Dallas, Texas is working hard as we speak to bring back the long-extinct woolly mammoth.

Oh we hear about things like this from time to time. The idea that long-extinct creatures might be able to be resurrected isn't a new rumor we hear in the midst of the daily, sometimes wacky, headlines you and I see every day. However one Dallas, Texas company means business when it comes to bringing back the woolly mammoth to our modern age.

This begs the questions: Why would they want to invest the time and money to do such a thing. And HOW exactly do they plan to do it?

So, why does Colossal Laboratories and Biosciences based in Dallas, Texas want to bring back the woolly mammoth after all of these many years?

According to their website, Colossal Laboratories and Biosciences describes the woolly mammoth as "Earth's Old Friend and New Hero." Well, I'll admit when they put it that way, I want to learn more about this paradigm-shifting project they're working on.

As far as the "why" they seek to "de-extinct" this creature of the past, they say point-blank that this "core value cannot be overstated:"


They say that since the woolly mammoth is able to "inhabit the same ecosystem previously abandoned by the Mammoth’s extinction." So, if that's the case, they say the fuzzy beast's return would slow down the melting of the arctic permafrost, reduce greenhouse emissions that would emerge as a result of its destruction, and will restore a unique ecosystem that will help protect against climate change.

But that's just a few of the 10 goals they have in mind as a result of bringing back the woolly mammoth.

And how exactly do they plan to actually do this? Well, let's just say they have a quite detailed plan. If you want to learn more, well you're in for a fascinating read. Check it out here.

Based on what I'm reading, not to mention the idea of seeing those woolly mammoths tromping around on Earth in 2023, I'm intrigued. But what about you? Let me know at tara.holley@townsquaremedia.com.

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