If you've been looking for the perfect family getaway, or a second home somewhere exotic, boy do I have the opportunity for you. How would you like to own your own private island in the Bahamas? I promise, it's doable!

The island, known as St. Andrews or Little Ragged Island, is 730 acres is both the southernmost and the largest private island in the Bahamas currently for sale, according to the listing. The listing goes on to describe the island as a perfect blank canvas of rolling hills, lignum vitae trees, and calm warm waters begs to be painted with your dream project: a picturesque private residential settlement, a crown jewel of a tropical estate with miles of private beaches to wander, or a boutique resort with more than enough acreage left to add an entire 18-hole golf course.

Talk about cashing in on tourism there!

So how do you get your bid in? The bidding on St. Andrews doesn't open until March 26 and requires a $100,000 deposit. See, less than quite a bit of our homes here in East Texas. Chump change! (not really, that's $100,000...)

Concierge Auctions, the group responsible for the island's listing, says there is no minimum bid set on the property, but that they do expect bidding to open at $19.5 million. Yikes.

To give you an idea of just how far it would be from home, St. Andrews is 10 minutes by boat from Duncan Town, with an airstrip to house private planes. From there, St. Andrews is 139 miles north of Cuba; 223 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas; 372 miles southeast of Miami.

If you're truly in the market for an island in the Bahamas, we've got one other option for you. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill just listed their private island estate on L’île d’Anges for a cool $35 million.

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