Fair food, rides and midway game prizes are a must do and must have when you go to any fair!

After the East Texas State Fair ends its run here in Tyler, the next biggest fair that takes place is just outside downtown Dallas and around the Cotton Bowl, the great State Fair Of Texas. The State Fair of Texas will run September 29th - October 22nd and will feature all kinds of food, midway games and rides, car exhibits, agricultural show, shopping, concerts, college football, livestock show and so much more.

We've written here about the food that you can find during the fair and who won the 2017 Big Tex Choice Awards and now it's time to let you know what you could be taking home from the midway this year!

Playing games along the midway is a tradition at any fair! You love showing off your big prize because you won at a game or showed off some kind of skill. This year during the State Fair Of Texas you could be walking home with your very own Big Tex!

The mascot of the fair could be yours this year! He comes in two sizes, 25" and 50"! Yeah, you could be carrying around a 4' 2" stuffed replica of Big Tex! To get your hands on one of these fellas, you'll have to win one though at one of the following games:

  • ring toss next to Cotton Bowl Plaza
  • tub toss in the main row of games near Cotton Bowl Plaza
  • ABC blocks in the main row of games near Cotton Bowl Plaza
  • balloon pop near the historic Midway arch
  • hi striker near the Evolution ride

There are many places to win one of these cute guys and judging from the comments on the State Fair Of Texas Facebook page, they're going to be pretty popular and in high demand!

When you win your very own Big Tex, share a selfie with us! Just take a selfie and send it to us through the stations' app!

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