Meet Howard. He's just your average Gold's Gym physical fitness instructor who made his way up to the lofty position of regional manager -- or is he?

As it turns out, Howard is actually the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenneger. The former Governor of California, actor and famed bodybuilder recently went undercover, disguised with a mustache, a medium-length wig and a hat. It might not be a makeover of Mrs. Doubtfire-like proportions, but it was enough to make people at least stare at him quizzically.

Schwarzenneger made his rounds, touring the gym and helping members out with their workouts. He did everything from spotting lifters, wiping the perspiration off a particularly sweaty man and even telling a young woman that she should do reps of water drinking at the fountain. Amazingly, it seemed like he managed to fool a good amount of people. One young lady even says, "You look so familiar to me." Schwarzenneger merely replies with, "Maybe you saw me on the FBI 'Most Wanted' list."

All of this craziness was part of Schwarzenneger's attempt to raise both awareness and money for after-school programs. Specifically, he's raising money for After-School All-Stars, which provides year-round, school-based after-school programs that promote physical fitness.

You can enter to win an afternoon with Schwarzenneger for you and one guest. You'll hang out with the Governator, take a ride in his Sherman tank (yes, he's got a tank), and smoke cigars together, if you're so inclined. The package also includes flight and hotel for two, so you can make an adventure out of it! The best part is that every entry helps support the After-School All-Stars program, so click here to participate and to learn more.

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