Wait, does this mean the "powers that be" have been actually listening to us here in East Texas? Well, we shall see.

If for some reason you're not familiar with or have chosen to avoid it, Toll 49 is "a corridor that connects residents in Tyler, Longview, and Marshall, in addition to giving an easier route to access the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex," writes CBS 19.

I live in Tyler, Texas and I must say, Toll Road 49 has been a GAME-CHANGER for me when it comes to getting around more quickly. I've been truly grateful for the easier commute and not having to go through town to head OUT of town.

At the same time, the billing system for Toll 49 has been for many of us, a tiny little nightmare. I mean, from receiving bills for .53 cents, for example. Or what seemed to be some internal confusion on the part of NET RMA.

Many of us had the experience of paying a bill only to see it show up again on an invoice. I know some people stopped taking the Toll 49 option simply because of this invoicing MADNESS. No offense to anyone who works there, but it was pretty bad.

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Thankfully, it appears all of this may be greatly improved in the not-so-distant future. And this is why: 

NET RMA, or the North East Texas Regional Mobility Authority, recently announced they've now partnered with the NTTA, or North Texas Tollway Authority, in an effort to improve customer service and improved the billing systems in regard to Toll 49.

Earlier this month, CBS 19 reports that "NTTA took over the responsibilities for all toll processing, billing, and customer service systems. Their improved toll processing system handles more than 2.8 million transactions a day with a customer service rating of 95.4%."

OK, that's a pretty solid rating these days.

Over the next couple of months, NET RMA will be in transition mode, so customers will have to continue to have a little patience should they experience billing delays and will likely still have bills from NET RMA until they start to receive their invoices from NTTA. The good news? You won't have to worry about late fees during this time. (PRAISE!)

When is the transition going to be complete?

 Currently, the anticipated completion date should be by July's end.

Another issue some of us have when it comes to driving on Toll 49 near Tyler, Texas?

Those certain people who drive like bats out of HELL as if no one else is sharing the road with them. Here's an "Open Letter" we wrote to those people here.

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