I have already had that talk with my family, and I am so excited that we are going for a lean Christmas. Both my boyfriend's family and my family have agreed that we are just going to buy toys for the young kids in the family in order to not go broke during the holidays. My boyfriend and I promised that in order to save up for our wedding we won't be buying each other anything for Christmas.

A Survey asked people how they get extra cash for the holidays. Let's be real, several of us could really use some extra cash during the most expensive time of the year. I was happy yo see that I am just like several Americans when it comes to scrounging up and saving some cash.

Here are the top 8 answers of what people do to score some extra cash for Christmas:

1. 33% of people take extra shifts at work

2. 31% open a store credit card, 

3. 31% Take a second or part-time job

4. 29%. Start a side hustle

5. 29%. cut back on electricity and heat

6. 29% Open a new credit card.

7. 27% of people quit going out to eat so often.

8. 27% of folks make a deal with their significant other to not buy each other gifts.

Do you have any unique ways to save or earn money during the holidays?


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