Residents in Longview, Texas shared how sad they were to see one of the beloved, long-standing restaurants close their doors as of Sunday, April 10.

The Catfish King on Mobberly in Longview has been serving up their deliciousness for four decades. Catfish King and Catering has been a go-to destination for too-good-to-stop-eating shrimp, chicken, chicken fried steak, and of course catfish. Plus they've been known as a favorite caterer for many years, as well.

Many Longview residents chimed in on a recent Facebook post regarding the closing to express how much they'd miss the food which they'd loved for so long.

All of us here at Townsquare Media would like to thank the Lane's for operating the Catfish King at Mobberly in Longview for so long. Also, thank y'all for providing East Texas with such delectable culinary offerings for so many years. We all wish them the best in whatever they have planned next.

So what's going in its place at such a prime location in Longview, Texas? Here's what we know so far.

Well, we've received word that a franchise known as Frenchy's will be taking over the space after the planned renovations are complete. We're not sure when the new place will be opening, but we'll keep you posted. The same friendly Longview resident who shared what will be taking its place said a man from Houston, Texas is a Frenchy's franchisee. We've heard they also serve catfish and shrimp.

However, apparently each franchise has a different menu so until they open their doors in East Texas, we won't know for sure what the menu will look like.

Here's hoping for an amazing new restaurant to enjoy. At the same time, Catfish King on Mobberly will always be missed.

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