Well, you sure hate to see this. What had quickly become a popular BBQ joint in Frankston, TX, was forced to close for good on their second anniversary of opening. The reasons probably won't be that big of a surprise, unfortunately.

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The Windmill Cafe, which had been set up on the Square in Frankston, closed their doors for good on Sunday (September 4th), two years to the day after their grand opening.

They took the time to show their appreciation to their patrons for two good years, "We want to thank all of our customers and staff for all the support to make it a successful endeavor." But ultimately they were done in by the times; pointing out that the rising cost of food, employee wages, and inflation is what took them to this point.

"With no relief in sight, It has become increasingly difficult to be profitable and hard to justify the time and hard work involved to continue to operate. I've always said we have the best, customers and the support that our community has shown is truly heartwarming! God Bless."

Linda Streck also implored any patrons who might still have a Windmill Cafe on the Square gift card, to get in touch with her. According to a post on the restaurants official Facebook page you are asked to "contact Linda Streck through Messenger, to make arrangements to cash your cards in," sooner than later to ensure a quick refund. "I would like to get them cashed in ASAP while I still have my POS system to be able to read them."

Always hate to see a good business throw in the towel.

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