Every now and then, you run across someone working hard in East Texas that inspires you. It doesn't matter what kind of work you do, when you do your best to make it an experience that a customer won't forget, you are a superstar.

Zoe's Mediterranean Kitchen is one of my favorite places to go for food that is both delicious and healthy. Zoe's is a national chain, but every time I go and manager Jessica Trainor is working, it feels like I'm visiting one of those locally-owned restaurants where you feel like they "know you."

Today I was a bit frazzled and in a bit of a hurry. I called in to place a to-go order and from the moment Jessica answered the phone, she made me feel better. Immediately she greeted me with a gracious "hey Tara, how are you today?" I began placing my order. However, since it was for several people and there was some confusion on my end, I had to text the parties that be and ask them for a couple of extra details that hadn't been covered which Jessica remained on the line with me. There were several moments of just waiting. I felt so bad because I know Jessica was busy. Instead, she assured me not to worry. On top of that, as the seconds continued to tick tock right on by to the point where I was feeling awkward and thinking of calling back later, she said "hey, it's okay. We're not that busy right now." Then she chuckled and said, "how about i tell you a joke while you wait?"

And then she did. And it was funny. And we laughed heartily until I finally received the info we needed to complete the order. I was so grateful.

It was a simple thing. However, instead of being annoyed she decided to calm my nerves and add a bit of comedy on top of it all. It meant a great deal to me. When I went to pick up my order we laughed again and my perfectly assembled order was perfect and ready to go.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can turn our days around and help us keep it all in perspective. So--thank you Jessica. You went above and beyond. Thank you for working so hard--Zoe's is lucky to have you as their manager.

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