It's "crawfish season" so lots of East Texans will be grabbing big pots and burners to start boiling mudbugs. in Louisiana, Crawfish boils are sometimes impromptu get togethers as friends and family gather around and await the pot getting dumped on a table for the feast to begin. If you're like me, sometimes you just have a "craving" for some so I prefer to grab a small pound or two and enjoy them by my lonesome. While the process may seen daunting for a lot of folks, boiling crawfish is quite simple.

The Reason For This Post, Because Some Folks Like To Complicate Things

Crawfish Boil
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There's this new sensation sweeping the nation of steaming or boiling crawdads sans spices. Instead, for the sake of "convenience" and speed, the crawfish are steamed or boiled then COVERED with sauces or spices on the outer shell. For starters, this is counterproductive because you have to PEEL the SAUCE COVERED SHELL off to eat the crawfish. So unless you like taking the extra step of "dipping" into a sauce, you're really complicating things. Crawfish is meant to be flavorful on THE INSIDE, so after you peel off the shell, there's a payoff. So for the sake of your education, here's a Tik Tok video I shot while on a recent trip home to Louisiana.

Shoutout to Jams Bottles Up In Laplace, LA

Jamien Green
Jamien Green

I stopped by one of my hometown liquor stores JAMS Bottles Up when I saw one of the business owners out in front of the store boiling a pot of crawfish. You can listen to the 8 million ways to do it, or just follow this simple recipe from this gentleman, who's crawfish sell out almost daily for reason.

Keep it simple, and you'll be fine.

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