In a move that seems to make a lot of sense, American Airlines has announced that they will be opening an exclusive hotel at its Dallas, TX headquarters in '23... but more than likely you'll never be able to stay there.

"We're hoping to simplify team members' visiting experience by building a modern hospitality complex at the heart of our campus," the airline said in the memo, which was shared with Insider on Thursday. "A place where visiting team members can lodge, eat, socialize and work out."

Why? Well, it's brand-new, employee-only Skyview 6 hotel that will open in early 2023, with a price tag of $250 million, per the Dallas Morning News, will not be open to the public.

Business Insider reports that "employees, like flight attendants, airport agents, and pilots heading to training, at both American and its wholly-owned regional carriers will be able to stay at the exclusive 600-room accommodation. Other staff will also have access to the hotel for things like business meetings, according to American."

It seems to be a prudent move for the world's largest airline, that as of 2021 employed over 120,000 people. Why wouldn't a company of that size want a self-contained place to train, host, and rest their workers.

On top of being a place to conduct business the memo from the company also included room for fun, "the hotel will have a plethora of on-site amenities to enjoy, like art installations, lounge areas for studying, and "the tavern" for socializing."

Listen, I may try to get a job just so I can hang out out at this "small city" as one executive called it.

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