Bats on radar. Yep it happened last week in Texas. Radar imagery showed bats leaving their caves the evening of March 19th. The interesting formation looked like a donut around several locations in south Texas. These donuts appeared to be getting bigger and bigger with time. This is the result of bats leaving their caves. The radar picked up on this similar to radar seeing rain or hail in a storm.


Well it turns out that’s not the only thing that we see on radar at times. Swarms of mayflies have also been seen on radar. These mayflies cover gas stations, restaurants and cars in the Midwest. And we literally mean COVERING. These insects were seen in swarms on radar over Lake Erie. It looked like an approaching rain storm, but no it was a swarm of mayflies. More specifically male mayflies. Turns out females fly into this swarm to mate with the males. This happens every spring and early summer as part of the Mayflies few month life. Check out the radar image of the mayflies here:

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