Despite the fact that many love Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream in East Texas, I've heard several people--including friends--tell me so in a hushed, almost nervous tone.

And why?

Because although they love ice cream, they DON'T love some of the political stances taken by the inventors of the Vermont ice cream legend. Granted, the Vermont-based company has been a bit quieter as of late--at least, politically.

Many people all over the U.S. LOVE Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream because frankly--it's delicious. But, as you may be aware, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Company has been in the news over the years for reasons other than their ice cream. And some East Texans just aren't okay with that.

Some East Texans avoid or even refuse to purchase Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream due to their openly-spoken political views.

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While we can't conclusively know all of the company's political views, one can glean from what they HAVE shared on their social media platforms where they're coming from on various political issues.

For some people, those views are a feature, rather than a bug. And for others who are politically moderate or who stay out of politics altogether, they don't let any of their political online rhetoric stop them from getting their B & J fix.

However, for quite a few East Texans--the political views shared by Ben & Jerry's online is a huge turnoff.

And here is another example from back when they were sharing a new flavor honoring the polarizing Colin Kaepernick over his kneeling during the National Anthem:

Even for those East Texans that are not in complete disagreement with some of their takes

So what about you? Are you opposed to B & J due to their political stances? Do you agree with them? Would you just rather they stick to ice cream?

And regardless of your POV, there's always the oh-so-delicious, Texas' own Blue Bell.

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