There are quite a few great options in Tyler, TX for lovers of breakfast food--and I think I have found one of my favorite breakfast dishes ever.

I am a great lover of breakfast food. Like I could literally eat it for almost every meal--even breakfast! ;)

Seriously love it all. Pancakes, waffles, hash browns, oatmeal--you name it.

Typically my go-to for breakfast items usually involves some kind of Mexican fare. Ya know, breakfast tacos or burritos. Chilaquiles--OMG. Migas, etc. And overall, that's still what I crave the most in the morning.

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However, I think I may have found one particular entree at Jimmy's Egg in Tyler, Texas that has become a serious contender for a new favorite.

And what's strange is... I'm not one to order sausage. Nor bacon. (Yes, yes I am fully aware that makes me a sincere FREAK in East Texas. But it's true.) I'm also not likely to order biscuits and gravy as a first choice. But there's something particularly delicious about the way the folks at this place create one of the BEST breakfasts you'll ever have.

Have you tried the Biscuit & Gravy Omelette? OH. MY. GOSH.

Y'all, I'm telling you...when ya can, get yourself over there and try this. It is over-the-top decadent in the most wonderful way. They legit put biscuits inside a fluffy omelet (along with some other magical ingredients) and then top it with a sausage gravy that will make you miss your Grandma even more. Add cheese on top, along with a side of hash brown and a mini-stack of Cinnamon Roll pancakes, and you've gone to breakfast heaven.

Not to mention just their *actual* cinnamon rolls. Good GRIEF.

Thank me later. And don't forget to tip your server. And you'll want to after trying this incomparable breakfast dish.

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