There is no question that Brad Paisley is one of the most entertaining stars in country music. Whether he's getting the band back together with Peyton Manning or hosting the CMA Awards with Carrie Underwood, we have a great time.

He took some time to stop by the Big D and Bubba studio to talk a little about the CMA Awards. I say a little because the conversation went many different directions.

We learned that Carrie is the one that keeps up with what's going on in the celebrity world. Brad seems to just let her run with it.

There was a brief moment to talk about Brad's fandom of the Cleveland Browns. Patrick interrupted that so everyone could make fun of Bubba's mustache. Brad roasted him a bit.

As we know, Big D is looking to get a classic muscle car. Big D got some help from Brad about which car he should choose. The conversation got deep, too.

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