Gabby Barrett has gone from American Idol success, finishing third during season sixteen, to having her debut song, "I Hope", go to number one. Now her debut album, Goldmine, is topping the charts. She took some time to talk to Big D and Bubba about her early success and riding horses.

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Gabby loves to ride horses. She owns a horse that resides with her husband's, Shelbyville native Cade Foehner, family in Texas that she makes a trip to see pretty often. It's an American Saddlebred and Quarter Horse mix. Bubba doesn't have a good story about riding a horse. He says one threw him when he was five.

Her husband Cade plays guitar with her when she tours. She compares it with Fleetwood Mack's Stevie Nicks' and Lindsey Buckingham's relationship but it's actually good.

Listen to her full interview with Big D and Bubba above and hear her debut song "I Hope" below.

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