Corvettes are pretty sweet. Corvettes are also very expensive. It's certainly a vehicle that is way out of my price range. But that's not stopping Bubba, of Big D and Bubba, from wanting to get one for the show. Big D gets Corvette connoisseur, Brad Paisley, on the phone to try to talk Bubba out of this idea.

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Look, we would actually love to pick up a Corvette for Bubba to use for the show. But his plan doesn't sound very good. Bubba found a Corvette for $57,000 and thought the show could buy it and a few months down the road, the show could turn around and sell it for $100,000. Brad Paisley loves Corvettes and is the closest to an expert on the cars as they know.

Big D gets Brad on the phone to try to talk Bubba out of this idea. This particular Corvette is most certainly a base model. So the likelihood of it selling for over $100,000 is small. At first, Brad was on the no side. But as Brad kept sitting on the fence, Big D was encouraging a no answer.

It would be Bubba's first Corvette and thinks that by getting this one, he would catch the bug and own more Corvettes in the future. Brad's major argument was that, even though it's a Corvette, it's unlikely to make money. Brad came to the conclusion of yes, only because it doesn't affect him one bit.

Thanks Brad, we're probably getting a show Corvette.

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