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The first two-thirds of summer 2022 in East Texas has been a brutal one. Thanks, or no thanks, to the infamous 'heat dome', East Texans have been sweltering in the heat and humidity with temperatures hovering at or above one hundred degrees for days upon end. Thankfully it seems as if that weather phenomenon has moved on, at least for now.

Because of all of the heat, nearly everything on the ground is parched and just waiting for a drop of water to fall from the sky at any time. Due to the lack of rainfall and extremely dry conditions, more than 20 East Texas counties enacted burn bans making any kind of outdoor burning illegal. At one point, all but one county in East and Deep East Texas had a burn ban in effect. That changed though on Tuesday.

East Texas finally saw a tropical weather system move in Monday and when it did it seems to have been a drought-busting rainfall. Before the rain, much of the western part of East Texas was considered to be experiencing exceptional drought conditions while the rest of the area was categorized as extreme to severe. After the deluge of rain, the drought conditions changed.

Now as quickly as the rain fell Monday, the burn bans started to fall Tuesday morning. As many county commissioner's courts were meeting Tuesday they were dropping their county-wide burn bans.

At the time of this writing the following counties have dropped their active burn bans:

Although these counties have lifted their burn bans, if you do any kind of outdoor burning you will still want to take precautions. Have an extinguisher or some way to put out the fire nearby. Do not burn outdoors on a windy or extremely windy day.

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