Caldwell Zoo's lion pride increased in size Jan. 22 after their African lion, Njeri, gave birth to five cubs at the zoo. Since then, zoo staff have been caring for the little ones and have been careful as not to disturb them and are letting mom take care of them.Unfortunately, the youngest died shortly after birth, but the remaining four -- one male and three female -- are healthy and have started exploring their new world in their lion den.

Caldwell Zoo has already named the male lion cub 'Doc' after the zoo's long time veterinarian, Dr. Steve Wilson. Now they're seeking the public's help in naming the remaining three. A posting on the Caldwell Zoo Facebook page has a list of possible names for the three cubs and they are:

  • Imara (eh-mar-ah) - meaning strong one
  • Malika (ma-lee-ka) - meaning angel
  • Zuri - meaning beautiful
  • Adanna (ah-dan-nah) - meaning father’s daughter
  • Makena (ma-kee-nah) - meaning happy one
  • Zola - meaning quiet, tranquil
  • Aziza (ah-zee-zah) - meaning darling, respected
  • Damisi (dah-mee-see) - meaning happy
  • Amira (ah-mir-ah) - meaning princess
  • Azima (ah-zee-mah) - meaning mighty
  • Mboga (em-boga) - meaning groceries

You can vote on the names by leaving your choices on the Caldwell Zoo Facebook page or stopping by their visitor center at the zoo's main gate to vote, but you only have until Thursday, March 20 to do so.

Their official names will be announced on Monday, March 24.