At some point things are going to have to change because students at Chapel Hill ISD are just got approval to use the bathroom during the school day again, although water fountains are still off limits. While most of us understand why the bathrooms had to be locked down for a few weeks, it's good to see bathroom access is back open. After talking to some parents with students going to Chapel Hill ISD, they are wondering ­­­­­when students will be able to drink from the water fountain again.
The bathroom restrictions were put in place because the TikTok challenge called 'devious licks'. That was the online challenge where students would break, steal, or destroy school property and post about it online in an attempt to go viral. It sounds ridiculous but there are lots of schools that were forced to lock down bathroom privilege's due to this craziness. Chapel Hill ISD has said no students can use the restroom for the first 30 minutes of class or the last few minutes of class.

The Water Fountains at Chapel Hill School are still Shut Down Due to COVID

School officials are still not allowing the water fountains to be used due to the possible spread of COVID-19. They are asking each student to bring their own water bottle to class. Officials are saying they don't want all the students touching the same water fountain and spreading germs. But they all use the same door handles and handles in the bathroom, it's strange finding out what can be used and what is off limits.

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When Will These Restrictions and Guidelines End for School Kids?

I'm not trying to bust the chops of these school officials, I just want to understand more about why students are allowed to touch somethings but not others. And how long these restrictions are going to be in place. When will these end or if this is just how it is going to be from now on? I guess only time will tell.

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