Granted, Chick-fil-A representatives remain adamant that, despite rumors, there is no "secret menu." However, they DID share some relatively secret menu hacks for those who are interested in kicking their favorites up a notch in East Texas.

It's no secret that Chick-fil-A remains enormously popular all around the country--and that includes right here in Longview, Kilgore, Lindale, Jacksonville, and Tyler, Texas. All one needs to do to confirm this obvious truth is to notice the length of the drive-thru lines at practically any time of day. (Except on Sundays, of course, when many of us seem to get even more intense cravings for this fast food phenomenon.)

Chick-fil-A told Fox Business that their employees are not allowed to make food items that aren't on the menu. However, there are some ways to tweak and/or customize items that are frankly making our mouths water.

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Even though we're happy with the classics listed on their menu, it's always fun to learn about new ways to "upgrade" our orders with hacks recently shared by Chick-fil-A.

So what are some of these menu "hacks" available to you and me?

Breakfast Hack: Chick-n-Minis MASTERPIECE

Oh, those little mini chicken rolls have changed breakfast for many of us forever. For some of us, we also want to incorporate those yummy hash brown nodules they offer. Chick-fil-A told Fox Business they suggest "dipping a hash brown in their favorite sauce and placing the hash brown in the Chick-n-Mini roll, on top of the chicken bites."

Lord have mercy.

Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Anyone?

Do you love the mac & cheese, but want to "kick it up a notch?" Try ordering chicken nuggets--either fried or grilled--and order the mac & cheese. Then grab some ranch sauce and buffalo sauce and mix it all together for a next-level flavor experience.

How about a Cookie Icedream Sandwich?

Oh geez, the Icedream dessert is already enough to make me jet out of the building right now to order some. But, upgrade your dessert experience by nestling the Icedream between two of their surprisingly delicious Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Mmmmm.

An Icedream Dessert Alternative?

If you're looking for something dreamy but in a healthier way, order the Icedream dessert and ask for a side of fruit for a sweet treat that is a bit lighter in nature.

Double Cookie Milkshake? Um, YES, please.

The Cookies & Cream Milkshake is already amazingly yummy. But if you long to upgrade that yumminess, order a Chocolate Chunk Cookie and crumble it into your shake. OMG.

OK, I've got a feeling some of you have created your own Chick-fil-A hacks. Or perhaps hacks at some of our other fave fast food chains? Would you consider sharing them with the class?

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EDIT: This was updated February 2023.

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