In your Dallas travels, you have most likely come across two of the most unique McDonald's restaurants around.

The first would be the McDonald's on Monfort Drive in Dallas near the Galleria Mall.

The cliche "everything is bigger in Texas" for sure applies here.

What would be more fun than stepping inside a giant Happy Meal box to enjoy your Big Mac?

Pretty sweet and definitely worth taking a picture in front of.

Even the inside is unique and feels more like a fine dining experience with fancy chandeliers and mahogany booths.

The other unique Dallas McDonald's is on the Thornton Freeway Service Road. It has a huge playground and the inside and outside is safari-themed. Pretty cool.

One Youtube user loved it so much, she had to video it. She was a little too obsessed with the bathrooms, though. I guess that's why she called it "Toilet Tour".

We would love to see your pictures if you've visited either of these locations. If you haven't already, download our free app and you can send us your picture there.

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