It's an unfortunate reality in our sensationalism-drenched modern society that more often than seems believable, misleading and sometimes completely untrue stories go viral. And once they do, it's hard to contain them.

The Daily Mail, a UK publication that is generally know to embrace sensationalized stories, posted an article that claimed part of President Biden's Climate Plan was to push for a dramatic reduction in the amount of red meat Americans eat--as much as 90%.

Other (untrue) claims made include the Biden Administration's plan to limit red meat consumption to no more than 4 pounds per year. Another one? Limiting Americans to one red meat burger per month.

Had this been limited to the Daily Mail UK, it may not have caused such a stir. But then it was picked up by Fox News who reported this as if it were true. It seems to have even convinced Governor Abbott.


Many Texans were infuriated and horrified. But just to confirm: This is not true.

Vox reports that "Biden’s actual climate policies so far have focused on reducing emissions from cars and power plants, with no effort to block meat production or consumption."

You can read about the actual climate plan, directly from the Biden administration itself, here.

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