Hurricane Dorian, the strongest storm in the Atlantic so far this year has reportedly left 5 people dead in the Bahamas and first responders fear that number may grow.

The storm sat almost stationary over the northern Bahamas for nearly 3 days. Dumping feet of rain, battering the island with winds in excess of 155 miles per hour, gusting as high as 185 miles per hour. Because the storm stayed almost stationary, the damage continued for hours upon hours. First responders are starting their search for people in that area, including children.

National Hurricane Center
National Hurricane Center

From here, the storm is expected to move north parallel to the Southeastern coastline for the next few days. Dorian is expected to stay at Category 2 strength through Friday morning with winds over 100 miles per hour and gusting at times over 130 miles per hour. The latest forecast track from the National Hurricane Center indicates that the storm may not actually make landfall; however, the forecast cone indicates that it still could along the Carolinas.

Regardless, impacts will still be felt along the coast from Florida to North Carolina. Strong winds, heavy rain, and storm surge will be the biggest impacts for those folks. After that, the storm is expected to move northeast by the end of the week and weaken.

The death toll from Dorian is likely to rise, along with that we will get a better and clearer picture in the coming days of the damage this storm has done to the Bahamas.

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