Our Dumb Crook of the Week comes from Whitehouse by the name of Christopher Kamalo.

I would assume that Christopher was planning a high end cookout but didn't want to pay retail for the ingrediants and decided to steal from La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Whitehouse.

According to KETK, Kamalo took a box of chicken nuggets, $700 worth of fajita meat, jalapeno buns, burger patties, sour cream, garlic, Miracle grow, and one of the security cameras. I'm guessing the camera because he thought the video was stored on the camera and not on a hard drive cause it's 1995.

What makes this even better is the text and music added to videos of the theft by La Hacienda owner Eli Hernandez.

Kamalo was arrested Tuesday, March 20, for the theft. It is estimated he took just over $1,500 worth of product.

It would have been a good cookout, you know, if the ingredients were legal.

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