So the woman pictured is January Irene Neatherlin of Bend, Oregon. She ran an unlicensed day care called Little Giggles (cute) and would give kids melatonin so they would nap while she would workout and tan according to

Based on the mugshot above, she needs more than a tan and a treadmill to look good.

She also lied about being a registered nurse.

Police being surveillance on Neatherlin last March after they got tips from her former boyfriend and a former roommate about what she was doing.

She would tell parents that they could not pick up their kids between 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. because it was nap time. Meaning, she would give the kids melatonin while she went to Tan Republic and Cross Fit during that time.

She was arrested in March of last year and was convicted of 11 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and one count of third-degree assault and sentenced to 21 years and four months in prison March 9, 2018.

But the story doesn't end there. This woman was pretty messed up.

While in prison awaiting trial, Neatherlin ask other inmates to claim they had worked for her. She also wrote to other former inmates wanting bail money and would get paid back through offshore bank accounts.

Wow. I'm surprised not to see a black eye or her arm in a sling from a "visit" with one of the parents.


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