It's crazy to think that a gas station is a required visit during a vacation or a road trip. But that's how Texans feel about Buc-ee's. Some of it is the pride that it is a Texas based and Texas owned company. Most of it is just the experience of making a stop there. From gifts to home décor to great food, it's a fun stop for anyone. For us in East Texas, it's an easy drive to Terrell, Texas to visit the Buc-ee's there. But what if I told you that a company would pay $1,000 just for you to try Buc-ee's snacks and food? There is one and here is how to apply.

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Earn $1,000 Eating at Buc-ee's

Who wouldn't want an extra $1,000 in their bank account? I certainly would. That's where FinanceBuzz comes in. They are a financial news and data website that wants you to be a Buc-ee's Bud-ee Snack Reviewer. All you have to do is taste-test 25 foods from Buc-ee's. It could be the always popular Beaver Nuggets to a brisket sandwich to a selection from the wall of jerky to an item from the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu.

We’re looking for one hungry traveler to taste-test 25 popular foods from America's most beloved roadside stop: Buc-ee’s. -

What You'll Have to Do

All you will need to do is travel to any Buc-ee's location (for us in East Texas, the Terrell location would be the closest choice) and sample food items from a list provided by the company. You will then need to review those products and provide photos of what you sampled. FinanceBuzz will give you $250 to buy the food samples in addition to the $1,000.

How to Apply

To apply, you need to go to and fill out the application by September 11, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern (10:59 p.m. our time). They will choose their candidate on September 18 and you'll have two weeks after being chosen to complete the assignment.

I'll be honest, I kinda want to fill out an application myself. This sounds like it could be a fun experience. Good luck to you if you apply.

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