We've all been through the high school experience in Texas. Some people may even call their time in high school one of "the best of their lives," -- which I'd adamantly disagree with.

Wherever you went to high school, it's likely most of us had some similar experiences -- like attending sports games, after-school extracurriculars, homework, lunch with friends, and sometimes packed classrooms.

However, I do sometimes wonder how different high school education was for those who went to private school versus public school. While there are sure to be commonalities, I know there must be differences too.

What are some major differences between public and private schools?

The first thing people will think of is that private schools cost you -- often thousands per year. In comparison, a public school will be free and accessible to all.

I attended a public school and I think my education was pretty good. I also got to interact with people from all walks of life. Whereas private schools, bluntly put, may have more people with more wealth in attendance -- and of course those who have their tuition supported in some way.

But this certainly isn't me bashing private schools. I think it would be a benefit to be around like-minded people and learn in classrooms with a smaller teacher-to-student ratio.

At the end of the day, public and private high schools each have pros and cons.

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How many private schools are in Texas?

There are over 400 private high schools in the Lone Star State. So if that is the educational route you want to send your child on, there are plenty of options.

According to Niche, the top private high school in Texas for 2024 is St. John's School in Houston, Texas. 

And the most expensive high school in Texas? That would be San Marcos Academy with a tuition of $53,264 a year, according to Education A Lot. The school is a Baptist high school and offers boarding and day school options.

The school's website states, "The curriculum at the Academy is designed to engage and inspire students, preparing them for success in life and in college."

Students from around Texas, the US, and the world attend San Marcos Academy, creating a pretty diverse group of students.

So what do you think? Would paying for the most expensive high school -- or any other costly school -- be worth it?

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