Remember as a kid playing in the sandbox with your Tonka trucks or using your Hot Wheels construction vehicles to run over your Lamborghini? How about doing it for real?

Extreme Sandbox is located in Pottsboro, just north of Dallas, where you can get behind the wheel of heavy construction equipment, whether you have experience or not.

Randy Stenger started this in Minnesota and was featured on Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary got behind the project according to The Houston Chronicle.

I look at this and see all of us from the station heading there for some team building fun. Looking at the videos, not only is there the construction equipment to entertain, but also a fire truck to engage in some water based fun.

Stenger also wants to use his sandbox for heavy equipment training for construction workers.

Make a weekend of it as there is lodging on site as well. Get your co-workers or buds together and head out. Find out more at

So... now  you can drive and shoot tanks as well as play in an adult-sized sandbox in Texas!

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