Most of us either now, or at one time, have either suffered from anxiety and depression or we know someone who has. From the outside, sometimes it isn't even evident to others. However on the inside, things can be quite bleak. Dark.

I've been there. Even when things in my life were relatively okay. Very often, feeling depressed can cause us to isolate ourselves or to overthink the "grand narrative of our lives." Our minds run away with us. For extra trouble, when you're already feeling down, very often our minds take us to very dark places, indeed.

Having been there, let me tell you that I understand when you're feeling this way, the last thing you feeling like doing is engaging in some of the very activities most likely to help lift the depression, at least a little, and give you a bit of relief. Very often, we want to turn off all the lights, eat, watch movies, play games--anything to distract ourselves from having to think about...ourselves.

However, please let me encourage you. It is in these moments when you need to seek the light and dig into living the most.

The other morning, I noticed that, even though it was cold outside, the sunshine was shining through the skylights and windows. Both of my cats had moved from their usual perches on the couch or the bed, and were each occupying their own personal space underneath the light. They sought it out on purpose. Instinctively, they knew that sitting in the light and absorbing a bit of Vitamin D would be good for them. Humans, on the other hand with all of our processing ability, know the same is true for us--both literally and metaphorically. Yet, we overthink or justify our reasons for staying "out of the light."

From personal experience I know this to be true: When I've been in some of my darkest moments, the smallest step I took to "move myself into the light" made all the difference in the world. They may have been the slightest steps: making a phone call, spending time with a dear friends, cooking and enjoying a healthy meal, or taking even a ten minute walk served as a catalyst to help me take steps in the right direction.

If you need to speak with a therapist, please get the help you need. In the meantime, take steps to "move yourself into the light."

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