It seems as though you can rent anything online now, including renting out a swimming pool. With the extreme heat that Texas can bring it’s nice to know all of your options and with the website Swimply, you can rent not only a pool but lots of other things depending on what the property has to offer and some of the offerings are extravagant. There is one pool you can rent in Rowlett, Texas that even allows you to rent a small Ferris wheel for kids 15 years of age or younger. 

There isn’t a kid on the planet that wouldn’t love to rent out this pool for a summertime birthday party, especially with all the different additional things they offer (at an extra price). The pool itself isn’t gigantic but it’s a nice size and it looks well taken care of. It’s children and infant friendly, but the listing does say that no pets are allowed. The pool/property rental costs $160 per hour for up to 10 people without any of the fun add-on's this property offers. 

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Free Stuff Included in the Rowlett, TX Swimply Rental 

Not everything is an additional charge, included in the rental is a pool basketball hoop, there are 2 umbrellas you can use for shade, 3 lounge chairs, and 3 lunch tables. Wi-Fi and a commercial grade playground is also free to use when renting out the pool.  

You Can Pay for Cool Add-On's 

If you want a Snow Cone machine that can be added for $60, Popcorn machine will be an extra $80. If you need 6 extra tables and 24 extra chairs that is $60, and to help stay cool you can add 2 swamp coolers for $80 during the duration of your rental. But if you want the 1950’s Ferris Wheel that will cost you $1,200 but can fit up to 12 kids under the age of 15 at one time.  

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